What People Think About Oily Gurus

“From the first time she said, “I know you’re not in this to build a business, BUT …” my Oily Gurus upline has been a support and encourager to me in beginning to build a business with Young Living. She’s been patient with this newbie who had ZERO intention of ever receiving a commission check. It’s just that it’s so easy to share the oils! And, receiving a “thank you for sharing” each month from the company goes a long way toward making this option for natural health affordable. I’m grateful for the cheerleader, resource, and friend Sandi has been along the way. She truly makes me feel like we’re in this together.”

“The education and support I’ve received from my Oily Gurus upline has been invaluable. I’ve been using the oils for many years, and owned a big desk reference, but being educated through the private Facebook groups, and hearing testimonials from others, has made my experience so much better. I’m learning so many more ways to use my oils effectively.”

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