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What will your body feel like 20 years from now? We believe everyone can be healthy if they're willing to own it and make changes now. Whether you’re a mom, dad, healthcare professional, or astronaut, there’s an Oily Guru ready to connect with you!

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Oily Gurus: What We Do For You

This is a wonderful group of people who are very knowledgeable and happy to share what has worked for them.

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What Are Essential Oils

We Believe in Essential Oils

Why are so many people excited about essential oils? Truth be told, they’ve been used for thousands of years, but many of us in recent history weren’t aware of their potent power. Essential oils are distilled from botanicals, plants and trees. They capture the health-supporting power of their source, and are used as an emotional uplift, supporting your overall wellness, supporting healthy skin and cleaning the home, chemical-free. Young Living is the only company who offers a Seed to Seal guarantee on their oils.

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You can purchase essential oils from many places. What you can't get anywhere else is the Seed to Seal® guarantee.

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We believe in infusing our lives with essential oils. We’re happy we gave them a try and we know without a doubt you will be too.

The Oily Gurus family is made up of a lot of people around the world who were introduced to oils by a friend, and their life changed in some way. Many of these people love the oils so much they’ve started an official part-time, home business.

We’ve gathered these ‘oily gurus’ together on this website, and you can search by skill and/or experience, or geographical location. Don’t wait — Find the right person to connect with, and get started on your essential oils journey!

We're Interviewing Business Builders

Have you fallen in love with essential oils, but now want to join Young Living and are interested in building a successful home business? We're actively in search of excited, passionate leaders who want to support their health, and help others do the same.

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