Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend

Maintains Healthy Toned Skin
Clean Fresh Scent
Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend can be used topically
Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend can be inhaled

Information on the Citrus Fresh blend from Young Living

Featuring the fresh, bright aromas of five citrus essential oils plus Spearmint, Citrus Fresh is perfect to wear as an inspiring personal fragrance or to diffuse and freshen any indoor environment. Add it to Young Living lotions, our Bath & Shower Gel Base, or your favorite skin care products for an uplifting aromatic experience and to beautify the skin. Citrus Fresh includes the naturally occurring constituents limonene, beta pinene, and linalol.

Tips on using Citrus Fresh

  • Dilute Citrus Fresh essential oil in a 1:1 ratio with your favorite night moisturizer and apply to skin for smoother-looking, more radiant-looking skin. Because some citrus oils can cause photosensitivity, avoid applying to exposed skin before spending time outside.
  • Dilute Citrus Fresh essential oil in a 1:1 ratio with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and use it as an uplifting signature scent.
  • Diffuse Citrus Fresh in your home, office, or classroom for an aroma that invites positivity and energy.
  • Drop Citrus Fresh onto cotton balls and toss them anywhere prone to stale odors, like shoes, closets, cabinets, basements, and vents.


Orange (Citrus aurantium), tangerine (Citrus nobilis), mandarin (Citrus reticulata), grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), lemon (Citrus limon), and spearmint (Mentha spicata).

Additional Information on Citrus Fresh

  • When diffused, it creates a clean, fresh scent in any environment.
  • Add to YL lotions or Bath & Shower Gel Base to create an uplifting aromatic experience.
  • Add to laundry for a revitalizing aroma.
  • May be worn topically as a perfume or cologne to refresh and inspire.
  • Maintains the appearance of healthy, toned skin.
  • Great for a topical application to beautify the skin.
  • Add to Thieves Household Cleaner to enhance the aroma.
  • Includes the naturally occurring constituents of limonene, beta pinene, and linalol.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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